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Ensimag Tandem Project 2015

Ensimag Tandem Project 2015

Rapport du projet Tandem 2015


At the very begining of the Tandem project it wasn't very eady to communicate, it's true, given that I had no Facebook account or whatever, ... we had to communicate per mail, what I understand. By dint of seeing (and exchanging ) each other we got to know each other: I think we don't have that much in common after all: not the same language, not the same culture, etc... But we had two important things in common, we were perceptive to the other, and this is what made us become friends: we had a lot of fun seeing each other : for me it's always been a great pleasure to chat,vdo some activity, visit things with him...And that's how we figure out that we had passion in common: Icerinking !

So to sum it all, I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) this tandem project, because it made me met a new person that I really appreciate (with some other benefits like, speaking more often English, speaking about polish anecdotes etc...). I hope Lukasz will stay one more semester so that we can keep on seeing each other ...

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